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June 2020


Apparently, NASCAR doesn’t know the difference between a noose and a knotted loop. Bubba Williams said there was a noose in his garage, but the FBI said whatever it was wasn’t put there as an intimidation tactic. There is not practical reason for a noose to be used in a garage unless it was there for intimidation. On the other hand, a knotted loop at the end of a rope has much utility especially when it serves as a handle to pull down the garage door. Nooses which are slip knots are not used for pulling things down. So, if there was a noose at the end of the rope to pull down the door, it was most certainly an intimidation tactic. The question remains, “If there was a noose in the garage, how could it not be for any other purpose than intimidation?”

Anglers loop (above)

Noose (above)

It is virtually impossible to confuse these two knots.


Someone asked me today if I thought people with short engagements had a harder time staying married. Research shows that emotional maturity is one of the best predictors of a satisfying marriage. You could argue that emotionally mature people don’t have short engagements, and that could be. But, if you are not in touch with your emotions and if you cannot manage them, a long engagement will be no help.