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Helping Couples in the Hillsborough South County Revive the Flame of Love in Their Marriage

Which is a picture of your marriage?



Marriage Therapy

Marriage reminds me of a candlestick. Some marriages have a flame of love (A), some do not (B). A marriage without love has about as much utility as a candlestick without a flame. Divorce is inevitable.

My marriage therapy is based upon reviving the flame of love in marriage so divorce is no longer inevitable.

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Flame Checker

​If you aren’t sure if your marriage is A or B, please take this free assessment and I will get back to you with the results in a few business days.

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Hi, I’m Paul Kranz.

​​I help couples in the Hillsborough South County revive the flame of love in their marriage. If the flame of love has gone out of your marriage, working together could help you revive the flame.

During our sessions, I’ll be fully there for you. I am calm, warm and non-judgmental. You can show up just as you are.

With 17 years of experience helping couples revive the flame, I know you can start feeling better. I’m here for you.

(813) 777-5422
​Kranz and Associates, LLC
13214 Parkhurst Ct, Riverview, FL 33569